Altes Rathaus

Klagenfurt The City of Renaissance

Although located north of the Alps, Klagenfurt embodies a southern European flair.This is possible thanks to the weather, as well as to the nobility of Carinthia, who, during the 16th century, employed Italian builders and craftsmen for the construction of their grand palaces and showpieces. 



Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank

Contemporary architecture
With its audacious constructions made out of steel, cement, wood and glass – the materials of the 20th and 21st century - modern Klagenfurt imprinted its own, unique style upon the spirit of times. Erected between historical buildings, spectacular objects found their place. Numerous well-known Austrian as well as international architects have planned, built and found interesting solutions in Klagenfurt for their various building tasks.


A Vespa scooter, the sun and a lake – these are the ingredients of a perfect day. Truly a tour for individualists and pleasure-lovers alike. The goal is the way – all around the Wörthersee to the most beautiful places!






My Austria Guides colleagues and I presented a historically dressed "guide" celebrating Carinthia's provincial exhibition of 2011. Are you recognizing me?